BVLA 5/16" x 18g Prong Set Seam Ring (VS) 2mm Diamond

BVLA 5/16" x 18g Prong Set Seam Ring (VS) 2mm Diamond

BVLA 5/16" 18g Seam Ring (Cup and Divot) in 14ct Yellow Gold.


5/16" - 7.9mm Diameter

18g - 1.0mm Thick


This item is a Seam Ring which will need Torqued open to fit and close.


** If you are not familier with fitting this type of jewllery we would reccomend it being fitted by ourselves in the studio. Call us on 01228598844 or 'Click here' to send us a message.**


Fully sterile (returns not accepted once opened).


Orientation - Navel



Featuring a 2mm White Diamond set in 14ct Yellow Gold by hand and Hand polished by BVLA Master Jewellers in Los Angles.


BVLA Jewellery is backed by a Lifetime Warranty. This is a ‘Return to Base’ Warranty and only applies to any defects in materials and workmanship.

Abused jewellery or Losses are not covered, for more information on Warrentys See our Maintentace Section.


Possible Placments - Lobe,Helix,Conch,Nostril,Tragus Etc


Items will be sent Royal Mail Special Delivery and will be

Vaccum Sterilised and Packaged. 

Opened packages can not be returned.


All BVLA Jewellery is totally Customisable if you would like to discuss available options get in touch.