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Odyssey "Marquise" Faceted Gem End (4mm x 2mm Gems)

Odyssey "Marquise" Faceted Gem End (4mm x 2mm Gems)

Odyssey "Marquise" Faceted Gem End (4mm x 2mm Gems)


Fauxpal Colour - Sleepy Lavender (SL)


Orientation - NA


This item is Threaded to suit 18/16g Posts.


**Post not Included**


Please see "Posts" and select 18/16g and choose the correct length, if you  need advice on post length get in touch.



Odyssey "Marquise" Faceted Gem End (4mm x 2mm Gems)


There are 3 x Prong set faceted stones. the gem size is 4mm high x 2mm across.


Industriall Strength Body Jewellery is backed by a Lifetime Warranty. This is a ‘Return to Base’ Warranty and only applies to any defects in materials and workmanship.

Abused jewellery or Losses are not covered, for more information on Warrentys See our Maintentace Section.


Possible Placments - Lobe,Helix,Conch Etc


Items will be sent Royal Mail Special Delivery and will be

Vaccum Sterilised and Packaged. 

Opened packages can not be returned.


All Industrial strength Body Jewellery is totally Customisable if you would like to discuss available options get in touch.


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