Piercing Services & Bookings

Take a moment to read all the information at the bottom of this page before booking in for a service.

Please note we aren't currently offering any Genital Piercings at present.

  • This selection allows you to book in for a single piercing.

    30 min

    20 British pounds
  • This option allows you to book in for multiple piercings on one person

    30 min

    20 British pounds
  • Up to 2 people from the same House to come get Pierced together

    30 min

    40 British pounds
  • 2 People getting 2 Piercings per-person can come in together.

    30 min

    40 British pounds
  • This is to purchase Jewellery and any non Piercing / Tattooing needs.

    30 min

    20 British pounds
  • Downsizes Only.

    30 min

    20 British pounds

Before you book in your appointment there is a few key points we need you to be aware of:

The Booking Fee on our site will secure your slot however depending on service you receive in the studio there will be additional charges on top of that when you're in the studio. If you're unsure of the price of the service you require please feel free to contact us on any of our social medias or call the studio on 01228598844

The ages for piercings in our studio are as follows:


  • 6+   Lobe Piercings with a parent present


  • 12+ Helix Piercings with a parent present


  • 14+ Navel Piercings with a parent present


  • 16+ Facial/Oral*/Ear Piercings with Photo ID
    (* Excluding Tongue Piercings)


  • 18+ Any & all piercings with Photo ID

       (Please note due to Covid-19 we aren't currently offering any Genital Piercings)


Once you're 16 you must come in with Government issued Photo ID, even if you bring a parent along since they can no longer sign for you, you will be required to prove your age yourself with Photo ID. 


The Photo ID we accept:


  • Provisional & Full Driving Licenses

  • Passports 

  • Young Scots Cards

  • Citizenship Cards

  • Any Photo ID with the Government approved ‘PASS’ Hologram.

If you don't bring Photo ID you will be turned away and lose your Booking Fee.

If you’re the Parent signing for a minor you will still be asked to provide Photo ID for the consent form to confirm you’re the parent who brought them in.

If you fail to produce the correct ID on the day of your appointment we will offer to reschedule your appointment to a later date if you decline this offer we will not be refunding these appointments as it's down to you to make sure you bring along the correct ID to your appointment.

No one under the age of 16 in the studio, unless they are booked in for a piercing and accompanied by a legal guardian.

For Clients who would like to bring along a friend for moral support we ask that they limit the amount of people they bring to a single friend, if you bring multiple people they will be asked to wait on the stairs.​