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This Page is all about the Piercers of Get-Pierced Ltd Andrew "Jabba" Davenport and his Junior Piercer Chanelle Gregson. 

Andrew Davenport 'Jabba'
Head Piercer


Andrew or Jabba as he is most commonly known by has been Piercing since 2010 where he got his start at a small studio in Silloth.

In the 10+ years Andrew's been Piercing he has built himself a strong and loyal customer base that have grown along with him over the years. He's also accumulated one of the largest collections of Premium Body Jewellery in the North West of England.

Andrew is skilled and well practised in all aspects of Body Piercing but continues to learn and seek education to ensure that he's providing the best service possible for his clients he does so by attending seminars and classes throughout the year that are attended by and hosted by Piercers from all over the UK sharing their knowledge to help promote the best techniques and safety measures.

Jabbas Social Medias

Chanelle Gregson
Junior Piercer


Chanelle has been working in Get-Modified which is home to Get-Pierced Ltd since 2018 and started out as Front of House, Deputy Studio Manager, Jewellery Expert and handled all Social Media for both Get-Modified & Get-Pierced.

In 2019 an opportunity arose for Chanelle to train as a Apprentice Piercer under Andrew and since then has continued to carry on with all her old responsibilities as well as all new ones, she's graduated from Apprentice to Junior Piercer in 2 years and has preformed a majority of Ear Piercings, including Nose, Eyebrow, Navel & Nipple she is slowly working on expanding her portfolio and gaining more experience.

Chanelle also attends multiple Seminars and Classes a year with Andrew to help maintain the highest standards within the studio.

Chanelles Social Medias

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